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Personalized Recommendations powered by AI

Kraken Recommends was developed by a team of data scientists and retail experts who have over 20 years of
experience collectively and have previously deployed various machine learning and artificial intelligence projects.
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About Kraken

One-click purchase decision using personalized recommendations similar to shopper’s interests and browsing patterns

Recommendations can adjust to changing trends, browsing behaviour and display products that assist sales

Promote cross-selling by suggesting products’ bundles to shoppers

Increase Revenue
Optimize Performance
Increase Satisfaction


Newly Added & Trending Products

Latest and the most popular products are extracted from the store visitors’ selection and displayed to matching users

Intelligent Related Products

Similar and related items are displayed to users based on the product similarities analyzed by our intelligent algorithm

Personalized Product Suggestions

Products that best match the shoppers’ profile and context are displayed throughout the storefront

Real-Time Analytics

High transparency into the operations of Kraken provides insights on page and widgets’ performances


Pick and choose multiple widgets and place them on pages that suit your needs.

Resulting in a better user experience, happier customers and ultimately higher conversions



You can do a detailed deep dive into the app's performance on your store.


Kraken's dashboard provides analytics and reporting tools to help you keep track of your KPIs .


The recommendations automatically adapt to your shop's style and theme.


Kraken Recommends also provides a built-in service to customize the look of your Recommendation widgets

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One Click Integration with your Store

Simple and easy one-click integration with your store. Everything is served from the cloud – there is no load on your server. 100% pure JavaScript and CSS – no other embedded content. Pure additive goodness – does not break or replace anything in your store’s pages


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